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17 August, 2016


Lina and I haven't been to Vintapperiet in Salig Simon's Gård since I graduated and I don't think we've eaten there since before I moved to Denmark!! It's a secluded, romantic, rustic place, hidden away from the "bustle" (can we really refer to the "crowds" in this city as a bustle??) of the city--often why I forget about it.

They've got a delicious menu and last I recall being there, as freaked out as I was about the fact that I ate Reindeer without knowing it, the food was good!! Still full off of our Kebab feast, we opted for some warm drinks while we waited out the rain instead.

Michael & I got some hot chocolates, with a twist ;)  We asked for a bit of liqueur in ours (it's not summer if you're not drinking by mid-day!) and were shown a special coffee liqueur (think: a Bailey's and Kailua mix) that I so wish I asked for the name of!  And much to everyone's surprise, Lina thoroughly (and I mean thoroughly) enjoyed her Irish coffee.



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