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02 August, 2016

Packing, Bunnies, Bearded Dragos, & LBT's

My last morning in Odense was spent helping Lousie pack up for her trip :( It's going to be so weird knowing that she's going to be so far away.  Not that we see each other very often as is but the possibility is much more there now in comparison to when she'll be in Australia.  Happy we managed to fit in a few days before her leaving date for sure!  All the best to you my love.  I can't wait to hear all about it at Christmas!!

Mama picked me up once I arrived back in Svendborg to go pick up a new little birdie for a friend of hers who's Canary, after 15 long years, gave in.  She thought a new one might cheer him up and uh, I got to look at bunnies and bearded dragons soooo, I was entertained.  The shop attendants were all-but ready to pack up every animal I laid eyes on...I guess they picked up on my enthusiasm and need to adopt every creature known to mankind.  Mother was not as enthusiastic about my enthusiasm so we just left with the bird.

We dropped by Lyfe's with his new pet and the little fellow was very much well received.  He was singing his little heart about by the time we left!!  Lyfe just so happened to be watching his grandchildren's bunny rabbits for a few days so, even though it wasn't one of my own, I got to cuddle a furry little creature for a little while.  She was such a sweetheart!! Oh, I wish I had time for a pet back in London :(

I came home to see that my Missguided parcel had arrived with some new tops in my favourite colour ;)  Out of my admittedly mass amounts of clothing, basic black tops are what I find myself lacking more and more so here are four new ones to add to the collection!  I'm seriously loving the black lace bodysuit!  Looking to get a few more in the future, I'm just always wary as to how they'll look on me in person.  I'm a pro at online shopping but I've also got my sizes down to a tee from the majority of my go-to websites in most items--bodysuits are not set on that list :P

Which new little black top is your fav?



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