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21 August, 2016

Mutually Exclusive

Energised (& slightly tipsy in light-weight Lina's case), we ventured to the city's shopping centre for the whammy of our summer shopping--H&M.  At first, I couldn't find a single thing of interest in the entire store while Lina was flinging items off the shelves at a rapid pace, even Michael having racked up a few potentials and then...then I found the H&M for Coachella collection.

Lina was smart enough to have left her wallet at home so we'd been covering her for the day but regardless of if it was Michael's American Visa, my Danish Mastercard, or my English Visa, we were being rejected time after time when we'd finally narrowed down our finds.  We hopped along home where Michael got a crash-course in driving stick before Mama, Lina, and him jetted back up to the city to claim our goods!!

Following our 3-man fashion show that officially pushed the most teenager-looking room I've ever witnessed over the edge, we collapsed, ready to inhale the most mouth-wateringly delicious dinner Mama prepared for her exhausted little shoppers/adventurers.  We had ??? with fresh ?? beets, carrots, and four different kinds of peas from the garden alongside Bernaise sauce and 3 different kinds of potatoes from the garden.

Full of food, full of joy!! I'm pretty impressed with the progression of my summer wardrobe since I arrived. It started off with a few tops, dresses, and jeans--mainly just clothes for work should I need to provide them myself, to a full-on new summer wardrobe √

The newest additions being: an oversized tee (/dress...I don't know why but t-shirts are now viewed as dress options to me!) from Just Junkies, a high waisted pair of black ombre knee-rip jeans, a light-wash pair of flare jeans, four crop tank tops, and a pair of black lace flare (LONG LIVE THE DISCO!) pants from H&M.



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