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14 August, 2016

Lobster Mobster...You've Created A Monster

The squad's on the loose!! Another day, another dollar (less)...

Michael, Lina, & I started off day two in town checking out one of the biggest antique and second-hand stores that we simply didn't have time, nor energy to have a look at the day before.  They had so much mind-blowing stuff, in both the good and bad way as these places so often do.  Old records, porcelain and glass objects galore, old-fashioned type writers, guitars, goblets, paintings...For reasons like this, I, personally, can only spend limited amounts of time in such item-packed areas without feeling overwhelmed.

Antique and second-hand shopping is such a different experience from your average window-browsing or online shopping as so much of what you encounter has a story behind it.  Even if you might not know the story, it's amusing to imagine...If I had an endless supply of money and space, oh, the amount of things I'd have dragged home that day :P

We fuelled up on the much-talked about Kebabs before showing Michael our local bakery (and loading up on some Romkuller and Marzarinkager) and glass-blowing shop before conveniently being forced to seek shelter from the rain in one of our favourite spots (a restaurant situated just below the shop).

Stay tuned for more in the coming post! (The amount of pictures that were taken in this place was slightly excessive for a single blog post)



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