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29 August, 2016

In The Land Of Puppies & Babies

Lina & Michael are museum freaks and while I do love art, I couldn't possibly place myself in the same category as these two champs haha Although not very big, we all thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Faaborg Museum.  I think the fact that it was on the smaller end of the spectrum was a positive thing as the last I can recall that I've been to a proper museum was when I was in Italy with my IB class 3? 4? years back.

I believe what puts a lot of people off about museums is their daunting, seemingly never-ending size so to be able to walk around, enjoy and discuss the artwork, neither feeling claustrophobic from mass amounts of tourists nor rushed, hoping to get out before sundown, was really nice.  I enjoyed the outdoor aspects they had incorporated into the museum as well though I think their indoor garden was a top fav in our little group!  Would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area lusting after a little dose of Danish culture!




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