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04 August, 2016

Gentle Giant

All of us, Lina in particular, were feeling a bit poorly so their first day in Svendborg was a tad more relaxed than we'd planned/hoped.  Lina rested up while Michael educated me on all things (it felt like all things considering the extent of note-taking but I have a feeling I've only just gotten the tip of the iceberg) photography related over endless cups of coffee.

A few naps and a variety of painkillers later, we took Mama & Mormor up on their berry-picking invitation out at the new house.  It was Lina and Michael's first time seeing the place (minus the guesthouse/honeymoon suite as we've begun referring to it as) and they were understandably in awe. Michael was in absolute Paradise, swear he was physically frolicking around the garden, eyes as wide as saucers!! haha So cute :P

They were given a tour--both inside and out--before we got down to business and started picking berries!! Lina and I gave the cherries our best go but even with our cherry-picking machine-thingy, this specific task is not for the height-challenged.  We opted for the current-berry bushes instead and left our gentle giant to the cherries instead!  A few kilos later we headed back home to clean our fruits over a few drinks.  Mdogg and I invented a new cocktail, though we're still working on an official name ;)  Give some Gin, peach soda, & red current berries a go if you're looking for something new!

Mama bestowed upon us all our welcome gifts which, let just say, led to nothing shorter than Euphoria!! Mini massagers that can also be used as exfoliators in the shower or bath, and one designed especially for our faces. Luxurryyyyy!  Spa day? I think so.  Until that time, I think we (mainly Michael and I) reach a new level of obsession over not just our new gifts, but "the jackhammer"--mother of all massage tools I've ever witnessed in this lifetime--and spent a good hour just passed out in bed, massaging our broken bodies.  Lina and Mama were definitely not un-entertained and I woke up the following day, for the first time in God knows how long, without any pain in my neck/shoulders/back/hips :D



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