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24 August, 2016

Biggest & Bestest

The original plan for the day went out the window pretty quick when Lina's girlfriend Michala showed up at our front door as we were all showering and prepping for our adventure out to the biggest flea market on Fyn.  Apparently there had been a misunderstanding regarding which weekend they were meant to meet up so Lina kinda just chose to go with the flow.  One less adventure buddy on our excursion but I'd say we managed pretty far as overviews go.

I think it's become apparent that we are all big fans of thrift stores, second-hand stores, and flea markets as there's a larger opportunity to find things that are a bit more unique, older, and very often, budget-friendly, regardless of what your budget is!! Because of our "experience", shall we say, it's safe to assume that Mama, Michael, and myself, wandered in nice and casual, ready to explore.


Without having a specific idea as to what we were looking for, with the exception of a few cool things for Lina and Michael's flat in DC, we were aimlessly wandering, essentially admiring room after room of beautiful (and less than beautiful...) items.

It was, to say the least, extremely overwhelming with around 10 booths outside and a good 20 large rooms indoors, filled to the brim with booths carrying various (very, very various) items.  First of all, let me just tell you as a rule of thumb when heading out on such an excursion: USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM!! It seems like a no-brainer, especially in such a vast space, that you need to keep together but losing each other in a maze of antiquities and glass ( doesn't mean much more than going over to a stand a few metres away, turning around, and suddenly you find yourself walking in circles trying to distinguish which candelabras you've already passed and if the grandfather clock to your left was the same one from three rooms over.

Michael had located a plethora of vintage cameras in one of the first outdoor booths so he was well entertained and didn't want to be the reason Mama and I stood in the same booth for another 30 min (bless, not that we would have minded), so we went onwards!! However, once we felt a sufficient amount of camera-gazing time had elapsed and returned to said booth, of course he was nowhere to be found.  And so the search for Mdogg began...

I think I looped around the entirety of the flea market no less than three times before seeing the shadow of that curly fro turning the corner of a side room, appearing to be looking for me as much I was desperately seeking him out!! Man, the anxiety I had for damn near half an hour, scouring the grounds for that boy.  I mean, c'mon!! How can you lose a 6'3 half-Lebanese dude with a 70's-worth fro in a see of very pale, very blonde, average-height Danes?! Talent I tell you, sheer talent.

The most interesting find for Michael ended up being an old-school gameboy, games included (though the one he had actually purchased it for was in German!), whereas my only find was a new black crepe blouse from Monki and for what I recall, Mama walked out (surprisingly, veeerryyy surprisingly) empty-handed.

I'm happy we went so we could get an idea as to what there was and overall, to get our bearings before returning with hopefully a more specified idea as to what to look for!!




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