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11 August, 2016

Big City, Small Town: An OOTD

Something I've inherited from my Mother is absolutely my love for fashion, shopping, collecting, and the art of dressing.  Another thing?  Not giving a flying fudge what people think about what I choose to wear and where I choose to wear it.  Walking around in a small town like Svendborg in a getup like this is bound to make turn some heads, if not snap right off.  Have either of us let that stop us? Not a chance in hell!!

The first thing Mama said to me when I got back home again was 1) You went out in town like that? 2) That must have resulted in some attention. 3) I remember when I used to do that!! (Note: she still does)

The world is your runway y'all!  Don't let others judgements or opinions stop you from doing/wearing/being what & who you want.  Most of the time, they're just full of jealousy & resentment anyhow.



I'm wearing my new Boo Hoo blouse, Boho Moon black lace choker, high-waisted Topshop shorts (similar here), black ankle boots (similar here), a Liz Claiborne blazer (similar here), my Michael Kors Selma, & these Ray-bans

This would be mid-"throw that ass in a circle" as photographer M-dogg had instructed :D 


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