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09 August, 2016

Adventure Time

Waking up feeling a lot more human, albite some runny noses and coughs we just couldn't shake, but more mobile than the previous days, we decided to make use of the lucky beautiful weather and were off to explore our small town.

The day's adventures began with a bit of heartbreak.  Lina & my Father are some of the biggest lovers of the Danish "Fransk hotdog", both with a penchant for one particular hotdog stand that has stood outside one of our local grocery stores since my Dad was our age.  Lina had forbidden Michael to indulge in her all-time favourite Danish meal until they'd reach said hotdog stand.  Said hotdog stand was nowhere to be found.  We're all trying to maintain our cool here, will have to keep you posted on this one as the pain is still pretty fresh...too raw.

We made our way down to the church Lina and I were baptised in as our first official stop of the day. Although none of us are particularly religious, Lina especially has a thing for exploring churches as you might recall me mentioning.  Taking in the architecture while tip-toeing up and down the altars, doing our best not to disturb the well-achieved silence and lighting a few candles, taking a few moments to reflect on the workings of the world before heading onwards.

The quaint little baby shop where Mads and I recently purchased a few gifts for his expecting cousin also happens to have a section for home ware.  Seeing as Lina and Michael are moving in together when they start at George Washington University together this coming fall, some flat shopping was high on the list of priorities!!

Our next stop was Tiger--the place with things you didn't even know you needed :P  I, for one, discovered my long-lost love for Oriental rice crackers, while Lina and Michael picked up some picture frames, scissors, and decorative bowls for their dorm.

None of us function well on empty so before we saw or did anything else, we had to circle back to the original goal of locating some Fransk hotdogs for the two little monsters.  We popped by Hyper afterwards only to realise that Lina had forgotten the American candy she'd brought back for Jordan, promising his Daddy-o to return with the goodies in hand.  I tried on a killer t-shirt that I had plans on using as a dress but alas, a tad shorter than I'd hoped and the only one left.  If I'm a lucky ducky, I think when we head back with Jordie's candy, I'm going to need to walk out with that puppy. Screw it, it's too cute, I'll just wear shorts under it!! I've thought about it (as Lina so wisely continuously advises her shop-a-holic of a sister) and....I need it.

Another one of our adventure goals for the day was that our well-honed second-hand store/thrifting skills were to be put to use!! We scoured the city from top-to-bottom, entering any store that had anything home-decor related, and I'd say that Lina & M-Dogg are definitely off to a good start with furnishing their love-nest-to-be.  Me?  I'm pretty proud of myself because all I bought for the entirety of the day in town (minus food) was a badass little black hexagon bowl I intend to use for sweets!

Exhausted (so dramatic...), we decided we deserved alcohol.  Because we did.  Strawberry Daiquiris all around before picking up some more booze for some casual sippin' later that evening.



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