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16 July, 2016

Don't Complain, Sustain

Some shots taken in between just bearably long hours Not complaining, went home to work but my goodness, this is on another level!! It is a phenomenal place owned by phenomenal people but of course that means the standards we who work there must adhere to are also phenomenally high!! Nothing against that, I love the perfectionist detailing thrust upon every aspect, down to the handmade salt shovels but it doesn't make the processes, in a second language (third, fourth, fifth? counting the menu and their wines), any easier to learn in such a short time!

The only real downside is that I have to take the bus for around 40 min. and they go at the stupidest possible times since we're out in the countryside but apart from that, and the stress of coming into a new job and wanting to do your best and learn everything, it's going well and I really like it there :)

AND IT'S SO GOSH DARN CUTE, AIN'T IT?! So beautiful out there in the countryside.



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