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18 July, 2016

What's The Buzz?

The day arrived when we got to reap the benefits of our their hard work and start slinging honey!! Kicked off the morning with a bit of coffee and buns with the crew and then the process started off similarly to my last two? three? visits where we went on over to the bees and checked on them.  This time, however, there weren't as many bees near the honey as the previous time, they'd added a little doo-hickey to re-locate those who weren't contributing directly to the process.

Once we had the slabs of honey, they were wheelbarrowed over to the work shed and the anti-waxing began as some of the boys put the finishing touches on their new honey extractor.  We had to make sure we weren't followed (no, I'm not joking) as if too many bees figure out where the honey's gone, it only makes sense that they'd follow and might not be the happiest of campers.  Only two were in the shed where we were working but of course, that was enough for me to keep my beekeeper's suit on, assuming they would attack us for taking their beautiful honey.  Revenge?  Didn't happen. Thankfully. And after we let them back outside again, without suddenly having a swarm of bees surrounding us, I got back to work, sans my beekeeper's suit :P

Removing the wax the bees produce (which is edible, by the way! I got to try a bit of honey/wax as soon as they got their hands on the proper boxes!) involves using a tool, which, to me, strangely resembles a head-lice checking brush hahaha which you insert into the wax and scrape upwards, avoiding removing too much honey in the process.  Of course, even if this is done to near perfection, there will still be leftovers.  These are removed when they are spun through the extractor and if there are still some pieces then, the honey is put through a sift.

The team usually has a professional bee-keeper come over to help them through this process so of course, some rookie mistakes had to be made...including rotating the extractor a bit too fast/hard, which resulted in the honey combs breaking off from one of our slabs, honey still dripping out of them in large amounts.  This was put into a sift annnnddd also in a jar for Mama and I to bring home to press out on our own and enjoy the freshest of the fresh honey before the end-result was dolled out. In an attempt to help the process, some of the honey managed to leak out because a valve that was apparently not meant to be open yet, was opened by sweet, sweet Mama hahah Beginners problems but overall, I thought everything went very well and I so wish I could have stayed longer but Mama had a chiropractor's appointment and I had to go to work.

So, so cool!! So thankful and happy that I could be part of this interesting process.


Make it fierce.


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