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25 July, 2016

We Don't Like Turbulence

Mama and I have never been ones to shy away from controversy and this night was no exception.  We (probably just us as well haha) thought it'd be hilariously clever to dress, all in black,  in respect of the many different, intelligent, quirky men & women who were killed throughout history due to a lack of understanding and fear of the unusual that led to convictions of witchcraft and thereby, their untimely and unjust deaths.  Additionally, all black everything mixed in with some witch-inspired flair?  We were making a discreetly indiscreet statement.

We're a whole bunch of weirdos as is but based on both some of my own personal experiences as well as my mother's, and her mother, and her mother's mother, it's always made more sense to me and at times, even provided a sense of comfort and relief to just view us as being an extra bit special and different rather than to dismiss countless events as coincidence.  And really, who doesn't want to believe in magic? ;)

The fact that the weather made in impossible to start a bonfire (and the weather on Sankt Hans almost always manages this), is just such beautiful irony as they were, dating back to the middle-ages, Danes made them in order to keep the witches away.  The summer solstice was viewed as a dark, evil night as it was the night in which the witches got on those broomsticks, and off they went!!  The few years we managed a bonfire, I'd like to note, we did not and as long as I'm around to have a say about it, will not be setting any witch figures in, on, or near our bonfires, thankyouverymuch :P With weather this ghastly, I'd say it's probably best to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, with a glass of Champagne in my hand!! Hiding in plain sight much?! :P

Now that I feel as though I've sufficiently managed to freak you out, the evenings ensemble:

Choker & moon necklace--similar here, & here
Earrings--available here
Peplum top--similar here
Black skirt--similar here
Wedges--similar here


**I claim no rights or ownership to/of the above image. All rights go to its original owner(s).**


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