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27 July, 2016


With my crazy work schedule and the entirety of Mads' family essentially being born between June & August, I was unfortunately unable to make it to Charlotte's birthday party up in Helsingør.  This meant that I missed a lot of time with him the few days he was in Denmark for the celebration.  After moving some hours around I got to spend roughly a day with him in Svendborg of which I think it's safe to say, was long overdue.  3 weeks is a loooonnnggg time when you're used to seeing each other every damn day!

He'd just come back from Helsingør (and of course the bridge was closed for whatever reason), Mama had been out working on the house, and I'd been at work so it was very relaxed first night.  I don't even think we made it through a full game of 500 before we decided it was bedtime!

We were lucky enough to have a rain-free morning and early afternoon so we walked into town to get in a bit of shopping and to grab a bite to eat before he took the train back to Odense to head to the airport.  One of Mads' cousins and a friend of mine received the unexpected news that she's expecting!! I can't wait to have another baby in the family, Louie's getting too old too fast!! Her and her partner Martin are expecting a little girl this Autumn so, of course, this meant that I snagged the opportunity to go baby clothes shopping and Mads? Well of course he was dragged  came along :)

I got Louie the most gorgeous set a few summers back from this fabulous baby store in town and thought we should pop in have a look to see if we could find anything equally adorable and chic this time around from Trine's little girl.


I so want to post pictures and share the highly-adorable, pink outcome of this trip but I don't want to spoil the prezzie!! :(

After having survived a good 30 min. in what was like Paradise for me, and surprisingly, didn't seem even remotely Hellish to Mads, we headed off in search of some updates for Mads' summer attire.

I zipped around the store, all-but knocking the clothes off their hangers while Mads contemplated a shirt or two, which is exactly what we walked out with as well.  I won't lie, I was pretty happy with the end result...mainly because I plan on stealing both of his new shirts for myself at one point or another :P

I'd had my eye on a sparkly something (for a change) that I just didn't think I could live without having at least tried them on.  Off to Pandora we went!! I don't think I was in the shop for more than a whopping 5 min. before I'd located the earrings, tried them on, and thrown my card at the cashier hahah He can't complain about my shopping!! There's a lot of it but it's fast, effective, and most of the time, on my own dime ;)

Having worked up an appetite (not that it takes much for either of us), lunch was in order!! Mads, although he stated he wasn't particularly hungry, managed to devour the most unexpectedly sized platter of Nachos ALL BY HIMSELF while I sufficed with a chicken club sandwich.

With the dark clouds floating dauntingly closer and closer to us, we called it a day and headed back home to jam some more into his suitcase before saying our goodbyes.


"Not that hungry" my ass :D


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