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24 July, 2016

Sankt Hans/Midsummer 2016

Ahhh, Danish Midsummer.  The most likely day of the year for a 90% chance of rain :D  The evening consistent of the usual suspects, minus a few much missed usuals (Lina & Mads) and Mama was, also as usual, whippin' up deliciousness in the kitchen.  I had work the next day (the fact that I was off was no more than a nice coincidence given the day) so it wasn't anything too crazy but all the stops were pulled out to make for a cosy, though massively rainy, evening.

A monkey wrench got thrown into the works with the terrible weather and Mama now having precious Bølle, who is heartbreakingly afraid of thunderstorms.  Factor that in with the fireworks and you've got yourself a seriously wigged-out puppy dog.  This meant that instead of us both sitting down at dinner, we took turns switching out sitting with him until it calmed down a bit.  I didn't mind, personally as most of the attendees, though old family friends, have more pressing topics to cover with my Mormor, Morfar, and Mama, than they do me.

Give me a glass of wine and a song to sing and I'm good so sitting out in the hallway, taking a break from standing in heels, sipping some vino and singing songs to my sweet pup? Sounds like a party to me :P Then again, as the saying goes, "The more I get to know people, the more I like my dog." Repetitive dinner small talk (even with lovely people) with an early morning wake up call v.s. doggy cuddles....hmmm.....



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