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06 July, 2016

Ray-Ban Family Addition

I feel like once upon a time, there was a time where I wasn't so easily tempted by the luxuries of Duty Free shopping...but that time has long-since passed!! Much like my previous trip, I've reached my destination with a new pair of Ray-bans to add to the family and it's safe to say that I am quite thoroughly obsessed!

My favourite round pair of black sunnies recently "passed" and especially now that they've become such a required style staple, a new pair was definitely on the horizon.  Granted, the last pair I snagged were a pair of mirrored aviator sunnies as well but even with these also having my newly-discovered favourite lenses, I think they give of an entirely different vibe and contribute to a varying look.

The only "downside" as such to these types of lenses is that when you attempt to photograph them, you're bound to get everything in front or in back of them so get used to me fuzzing them out a bit!! I don't think it looks particularly nice to have things you don't want in your photograph to begin with, in your sunglasses :P

Another aspect of these that I couldn't resist the practicality in is that they fold up completely!! When the sales lady was demonstrating it to me the first time, I thought she'd broken them which, as I'd just heard they were the last pair in the store, in turn broke my heart hahah They take up next-to-NO space, whatsoever--perfect for an on-the-go gal!!

Never mind the fact that I've now acquired no less than two new pairs of sunglasses in the span of a couple of months, nor that these sunnies, flying off of the shelves from Raybans newest collection, were not even remotely budgeting into anything, I justify them because, as I'm writing this post nearly two weeks later, I can say, hand-over-heart, that I damn well use them just about every waking moment of every day AND THEY BRING ME SUCH JOY. Confessions/justifications of a shopaholic...

If you're equally as in love with these, you can snatch up a pair here.



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