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15 July, 2016


The first job interview I went to was to a pub down near the harbour here in Svendborg.  I'd never been before but I couldn't imagine it would be any harder than bar-tending on match days in London.

It was.

I knew being able to serve in my second language would be more difficult, naturally, especially because so many people have such strong accents and use slang that I'm not accustomed to hearing and ergo, do not understand.  Secondly, although I'd like to think that through one method or another I've acquired a basic knowledge of drinks by now, my specialty (do I have one of those?) is by absolutely no means within beer so although I could easily name three or four well-known Danish brands I do not know their "nicknames" and when we get as far as speciality beers, I'm totally out hahahaha

I've had my fair share of a large variety of customers and although the majority were incredibly sweet and patient with me, it wasn't "my kind of scene" per se and given the fact that I was expected to be able to work alone after two shifts, far into the early hours of the morning, I quite simply just didn't feel comfortable or well-versed enough to be able to do so.  I agreed to take the shifts they'd given me for the weekend as I knew that was when they'd be most busy as their annual spit-roasted pig get-together, accompanied by live music (hell yes), and I didn't want to leave them hanging.

All in all, even with my anxiety having been through the roof, and as stressful and frustrating at times it was, I had a great time and got to know Marlene who was my life-line and such an Angel to get to know, even for such a short time period, and just as much so to be able work with.

I feel like I took an unexpected, hardcore crash-course on Danish bar-tending and survived!!! Somehow along the way I think I may have even managed to pick up some potential new friends that I wouldn't mind keeping in contact with :)

I'd say one of the coolest things I got to experience my short time working there was seeing one of my would-be colleagues, Kasper, performing.  This kid's got something special about him.  Old rock classics, a mix of Danish and English pop, a bit of alternative thrown in there... his set list had me standing behind the bar clapping away, singing, all the while holding onto the goosebumps that would suddenly appear time and time again.  I might just be planning my next visit down at Rasmus around whenever he's playing again haha

As much as I am not ordinarily a large fan of early mornings, I do adore being able to walk home, alone, with the sun just coming up, and experiencing the stillness and beauty that this crazy little small town has to offer.  Early mornings, as tedious as they may be, are stunning.

Another experience, done and dusted!!



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