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23 July, 2016

Rain & Rainbows

After being called into work to help with a large party, I got two days off in a row, whoop! whoop! Kicked it off by going to water aerobics and swimming our kilometre together with Mama before enjoying some time at home, getting a few practical things done and playing cards/serenading the household (Mormor and Morfar's lovely German guests included) with One Direction, and heading out to (attempt to) do some work.

The shed-turned-guesthouse looks amazing!  Unrecognisable!!  I actually think it'll be ready for Lina and Michael when they come in a few weeks.  I realise that I sound surprised but had you seen the state of this place, and heard of all of the many, many complications you'd be equally positively surprised to hear and see that at least one section of Mama's new home is off to a pretty good start!!  I think the kitchen looks so strange now that the floor's back to a normal level but again, a good start ;)



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