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24 July, 2016

Honey Chicken: A Recipe

You ready for one of the simplest, most delicious, 20-min. recipes that I beg Mads to make for me at least twice a month? Enter: honey chicken.  One of his mates recommended it to him when he was running low on food ideas for dinner and I took to it very well!! All you need is some chicken breast, salad (I prefer rocket or mixed leaf ones), pine nuts, corkscrew pasta, salt, pepper, olive oil, parmesan, pine nuts, and some honey.

With busy schedules and long days, I get the feeling most people, ourselves included, don't always feel up to making a crazy-detailed and time-consuming dinner so the more simple, fast, and healthy recipes/dishes we fall across, the better!!

As aforementioned, it's nothing crazy and I do feel slightly condescending even writing it out (which is also why I decided a step-by-step pictorial might not be necessary...) but it is one of my favourite dishes at the moment and I've enjoyed it as much every time we've had it as the first time I got to try it, so here's hoping you will as well.

What To Do:

-Cut away fat/skin/unwanted parts of your chicken breast and put the reaminder of your cleaned up meat it into a plastic bag
-Add salt, pepper, and enough honey to nicely coat all of the pieces in the bag
-Shake it around so all the chicken is evenly covered and let it marinate (I'm an impatient one who finds herself constantly hungry, if not hangry, so this "marinade" doesn't usually last longer than 10 min., if even)
-Fill a pot with water and salt and wait for the water to bowl before adding your corkscrew pasta
-Add some olive oil to a pan and let your honey chicken loose to fry!
-Wash and cut up your salad (we got to make ours today with home-grown mixed salad leaves from Mama's lovely garden/paradise)
-Once the pasta is done, add it to your salad.  Sprinkle (or douse) in pine nuts and parmesan cheese.
-Pop that delicious honey chicken on a plate alongside some salad and dig in!
-Congratulations, you've just created what I consider a food-porn-worthy dish in just about 20 min.  If even.


xx Your favourite nutter, Em

P.S. Your chicken should be/usually is darker than what's pictured but it's Danish honey which is much lighter!


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