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28 July, 2016

Homegrown Memories

Some summer snaps of all things beautiful, fresh, and delicious!! I couldn't find a more precise place for these shots but I love the colours and the memories attached so I couldn't resist sharing, even though they are a bit mix-matched.

The first was Mama's scrumptious Stjerneskud, the second, a little simple snap from walking past the meadow on my way home from work, thirdly, homegrown radishes, cucumber, lettuce, and edible flowers from the garden we put into a salad for dinner, some triple-chocolate ice cream with homegrown raspberries, enjoyed over some Big Bang Theory & Criminal Minds alongside my bestie, and finally, the most impressively-sized NON-GMO, homegrown strawberry I've seen.  We're really making use of all of that hard work out in the new house, as you can see :D Quite literally reaping the benefits! I love summer.



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