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27 July, 2016

Good Enough

Rather than sorting out the times the bus might sync up with my shift or who I could sneak a ride with on their way out to work on the house Mama came up with the bright idea that I could just bring my work clothes and prance around in a bikini and attempt to catch some rays for a few hours instead.

I decided to bring along the hundreds of notecards I still have leftover from Contract Law since I didn't end up needing to use them for an exam, they came along incase I wound up with some down time to sort through them and squeeze in all in the info with the hope that what I've learnt this year is still up there and if it's drifted away a bit, to renew it before hopefully (They're reallyyyyy stretching out the time to give us our results!) starting my second year.

Nice to have some down-time though I didn't really feel as though I could fully relax, always observant of the time, even with work being just around the corner haha Y'all know the feeling?! The sheer beauty of Mama's garden sunk in, at least for a bit...before I had some sort of bug gettin' all up in my business or Bølle deciding that he wanted to be my tanning partner, having given up on locating our resident Mole(s) for the time being :P


Dress--similar here
Bikini--similar here
Trainers--similar here
Jacket--similar here
Sunnies--similar here
Bag--similar here


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