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29 July, 2016

Fourth of July

Caro's holiday time finally rolled around and with Louise flying to Sydney, Australia in roughly a week's time at this point, fitting a few days in with two of my best girls took priority.  I high-tailed it to Odense in my 4th. of July get-up and met up with Caroline at the train station as she was also just arriving from her last few days at work.  We cabbed it back to her place for her to re-pack (we all have a ingrained habit of living out of suitcases) before driving out to see Weezy at her boyfriend Casper's place.

This place is amazingly cosy!! His Dad built it from the ground up and although the interior is unexpected to say the least, it has Casper written all over it!! The best way I could attempt to explain it would be a little piece of Brooklyn in the middle of nowhere in Denmark :D J'adore! J'adore! J'adore! It's quirkiness just puts you in a great, chilled mood though I'll give Louise this, it would absolutely drive me mad in the long run with nothing matching--be it chairs, mugs, the cutlery...but for a few days? It's the perfect unique little getaway spot :)

We were watching a girlfriend of Louise's pup for the day and oh my goodness, did she keep us entertained!! Not-so-little Malou was such a sweetheart but holy hell was she a strong puppy dog!! haha

After a quick welcome drink and some needed catchup with the ladies, we headed off to pick up some stuff for dinner.  The weather was as Bipolar as the Danish summer weather could possibly be so although we were in possession of a grill, we decided to make our burgers inside just to be safe.

Once devoured, we took a beautiful evening stroll with the little monster princess before adhering to the night's true schedule. 5 bottles of wine enjoyed in the candlelight, music in the background (until random karaoke sessions ensued), amidst deep conversations about all aspects of our lives, hopes, dreams, ambitions, and fears over cuddles and laugh attacks at Malou's hilarious and adorable antics before crashing soundly until the morning.

Just what the doctor ordered √
Love you girls!! Miss you like mad <3


When you can't find a single hair clip so you have to improvise :P 


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