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10 July, 2016

Early Morning Meetings

Another early morning start rolled around, leaving me desperately sleep deprived with every day since I landed having started off with a meeting of some sort--be it a job interview, water aerobics and swimming with Mama, bee-keeping...all across the board!!  Even with a lack of actual jet lag, being a bartender leaves you in just as bad of a state (we're talking a start at 5-6 P.M. and an end time around the same time, though A.M.).

Mama, Mormor, Morfar, and myself headed out to Mama's beautiful new house for a meeting with the plumbers, electricians, masons, and "the chief" with her drawings in tow to sort out where exactly everything would go now that they'd successfully completely dug out the kitchen and removed the faulty pipes and thereby damaged floor, (a metre deep into the ground hahahha) and were ready to move forward.

Because she's encountered so many problems with the inside of the house itself, Mama's decided to work on what she can fix and has been working her tiny little butt off with the help of some friends (who happen to do this for a living) to get the garden ready instead.  It is b e a u t i f u l!! I know what a ridiculous amount of work it has been to get this garden to the state it's in now, so much that I could barely recognise it and just, wow.  All of their hard work has most certainly paid off, it looks amazing!! Kudos guys! Some parts of it are still a work-in-progress but man, have they come a long way!

The day following we headed out again for yet another meeting, this time it being followed up with my second trail-shift-turned-job-offer out at the Vester Skerninge Kro which is a stone's throw away from the new house.  What an amazing place!! It's so quintessentially Danish in appearance but their gourmet French side of their menu and extensive wine list really knocks you off your feet, if the surroundings hadn't already done the job!! 

There wasn't all too much to do so instead, one of the owners, Susanne, showed me and Mama around, gave be some insight as to what would be expected of me, showed me my shifts for the next month and invited us to sit out in the backyard and enjoy some coffee instead of me doing my trial shift.

Not going to lie, I'm feeling on top of the world right now having flown to Denmark just with the hope that I'd be able to get a good-paying, full-time summer job that could work into my summer schedule and with Lina coming.  Now knowing that I can secure two jobs, from a different country, within 48 hours of landing? FEELING LIKE A QUEEN. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping when I eventually head back to London to start up my second year of uni that I'll have the same luck :)

Sat outside with some homemade sandies and got our tan on over a few rounds of cards in the afternoon, soaking up as much sun and quality time we could muster up before I started up my second summer job.


I think we should keep this :D


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