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01 July, 2016

And We're Off

The barbecue a few days before my departure date was a few days too long to go, still being in the same city, without seeing my favourites...God knows how we're going to get through 3-4 months now that we're used to spending 3-4 days a week with one another!! Mads and I decided to have Henry and Sofia (Dylan was swamped with work and Anthony was still in Istanbul) over for a simple din din before I headed off early the morning following. Cosy and wonderful as always, really going to miss you guys :(

My travels went by easy breezy, safe, and without any major complications (minus luggage, always problems with luggage -____-), and before I knew it I was packed away in the car being driven by Mama's lovely friend Jan, off to see the family.

We arrived in Svendborg, durums in hand, and were welcome by an extremely svelte looking Mama (she's my size now guys, damn those workouts have done her well!) and a very happy puppy.

Hello, Denmark!!


Who's who? Like mother like daughter much...?!


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