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20 July, 2016

All Fours

While the workers were going at it in Mama's kitchen, we went to work on the garden!  I've heard Mother complain incessantly about weeds growing ankle-high by the time she arrives the following day, having spent hours-on-end the day before ripping them out.  So what did I do you ask?  I dug a hole.

A big hole.   A deep hole.  A hole that meant that by making smaller holes within it, I could take out most of them by their roots.  Her method, I will admit, was productive as well, taking to them all individually with a spade.  Now, I'm not a gardener, not by far, but a shovel's basically a giant spade, right? :P  She of course complained how I "un-evened the dirt" and how they'd have to go through it all again but wuahhahahahhahaha I got a wheelbarrow full of weeds and fixed my giant hole before she was finished.  SO THERE.  Just because my methods are different, it doesn't mean they aren't effective ;)

As much as I mentally enjoy gardening, my body does not...not even remotely.  However, being able to step aside and take in the outcome of all of your hard work, is unbeatably rewarding (even if it means a large space of bare land that was, less bare, before our arrival).  Getting down on all fours to dig once I'd decided I could do much more with my bare hands/forearms than I could with any of the "fancy gardening tools" proved to be extremely productive in the end, even if I in turn ended up looking like a dog who had been down on all fours :P  Super fun walking into the grocery door afterwards to pick up some sandwiches!!



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