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30 July, 2016

A Rainy Recovery

With the weather only having developed into something even more depressing and unstable (I guess constant rain is technically considered consistent!) we took things nice and slow the day following. Caro and I woke up to some breakfast burritos a'la Louise before Caro officially submitted her application to study Psychology at the University of Copenhagen next year (YAYYYY!!!!!)  and headed off to her hair appointment.

Weezy and I did our best to relax but a face mask and our country music playlist on repeat for the second time around was as far as we got before our hunger took over and we realised we'd have to face the rain sooner or later or starve waiting for our chauffeur to arrive again :P After cleaning up our vacation home and packing up, we ventured out into the ghastly weather, doggie and our badass rain gear in tow (I looked like a heavily pregnant Darth Vadar in a chic swamp-like green) to pick up some lunch.  Having failed at that, we circled back to grab our suitcases and headed to Louise's to meet her family before her sister joined us for a girlie fish-tacos (foodgasms GALORE) and vino night!



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