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28 June, 2016

The Summer's First BBQ

Summer hit London, although very on and off, it became tangibly present and Dylan and I have been talking about and longing for a barbecue when the weather was finally on our side for months now. We grabbed the chance ASAP as I was flying out for my annual summer trip to Denmark a few days following and with everyone travelling home or abroad every other weekend, sitting exams, and working, we wanted to make sure we managed to get it done!!

We had enough food for at least another 5 people but hey, that's nothing new ;) We all brought along some drinks and a truck-load of meet while home-maker D took care of all of the side dishes for the evening.

Started off with a massive bowl of different kids of crisps and nuts and once we managed to get the grill all set up, the feast began!! Potato salad, steaks, sausages, shish-kebabs, rice, corn-on-the-cob, coleslaw, peas, caramelised onions, baguettes, ribs, pork, OH MY.

A table-full of food comas later, we called an early night after watching a few performances from the latest summer festival (the name of which I've blatantly forgotten) and took shelter indoors away from the cold, "summer" air :P

I'm wearing an army green cami from Topshop, necklaces from Boho Moon, cover-up from Boo Hoo, a maxi skirt from She Inside, and heels from Nine West.

Thanks for another great night y'all <3


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