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15 June, 2016

Silver, Sleek, & Summer Chic: Boho Moon

I told you I was obsessed.
I'm now going to tell you twice because I adore jewellery and I've quickly fallen head-over-heels for Boho Moon.

What really stands out to me when it comes to jewellery are pieces that so beautifully reflect my own personality and style choices--both of which tend to be all over the place, ever-changing--to the point where when I put them on, I never feel the need take them off!

This brand, although quite clearly known for its Bohemian look, has a boat-load of pieces that I feel are still so simple and classic that even if you might not necessary describe your personal style as being Boho-chic, you'll still find something to love from this brand.

What's most important to me is that the majority of what they have is real silver.  I can't stand when I find a piece, fall in love with it, and then I realise that it's either fake or only silver or gold-plated :/  I will say, some of their pieces are, just as a heads-up!  I have sensitive ears and I refuse to have my fingers turning green so I'll have to tread lightly but so far, everything I've got from them has the 925 mark on it, or I've knowingly purchase something that's silver-plated.

I love flowers, always have, always will, wherever I can get them!! Give me floral dresses, floral handbags, floral scarves, jackets, trousers, and one of my favourites in the array of florals that take up my closet: jewellery.  A minimalistic daisy stud, a leaf-inspired chain...I love the embodiment of nature in jewellery largely because of the mix you get from the aspects from simple, beautiful nature, with the glamour of the metals and stones that to me, make some kick-ass pieces.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock recently, you'll know that the 90's trend of choker necklaces has come back and in a big way!  I'm was and still am desperately trying to get a black choker but absolutely everyone, everywhere, is sold out!  I'm really happy with the new black lace one I managed to snag, in addition to a small floral silver choker (unfortunately now unavailable) and a larger, swirly-heart statement choker.

For the most part, I wear silver, with little splashes of gold in between but I do love a darker component as well which is why I couldn't say no to the black and silver beaded long moon chain, also pictured below (also unfortunately now unavailable).

I'm actually physically running out of space on my fingers for more rings, but Boho Moon has too many for me to keep the ones I have on 24/7 as I usually do, so I'll eventually have to start switching them out!  Until that time, there's a new glam little number has found a home.  It is, similarly to a few of the previously mentioned pieces, also unavailable but there is a similar one available here.

I've definitely found a new favourite every-day silver necklace to add to my rotation as well. I put it on as the pieces arrived the day of my final exam and I kid you not, I brightened up instantly...I think it may just have been my good luck charm ;)

Finally, the last piece I picked up this time around isn't one for me...the question of who it's for still remains as when I happened upon these cute, little moonstone studs, I thought of both my Mum and my sister, Lina.  I should have known that they both love them equally sooooo....there'll be another order being placed very, very soon!



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