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23 June, 2016


Here's what I wore when going out with Sofia, Henry, and Mads for a Sunday night dinner--Italian style (shocker).  My biggest styling tip to anyone will always be to start with the shoes and build on your outfit based on that choice.  I've been inadvertently doing that for as long as I can remember and especially in those reoccurring times when you're at a loss as to what to wear, it's a big help!

I've been wanting to try these bad boys out since Mama gifted them to me but didn't really know how or what to pair them with.  They're such a unique pair of shoes I thought it was best to let them take centre stage and pair them with a black blouse (similar here), dark skinny jeans (available here), a long black blazer (similar here), with some subtle additions of a nice Cognac brown (similar here & here).  These Rattlesnake skin heels (similar here) give me deep 70's vibes and were my absolute favourite pair of heels in my Mum's closet growing up so it was a big moment when they were passed along to me :) Even more so considering I can actually fit them now!! haha I think the right kind of snakeskin shoes can look very elegant and make an outfit when paired properly.

It's to be noted, however, that I found them strangely difficult to walk in (almost more-so now than when I was a 4-year-old toddler with a quarter of the shoe filled out) as the toe is, for starters, quite long, but mainly (and it took me an embarrassingly large amount of time to realise this) because they are open-backed!! No strap, no sling, no closing-off of any kind what-so-ever!! Challenge accepted.

I paired my outfit with a messy bun, light smokey eye, and a muave-brown lip.



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