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21 July, 2016


With some time off, Mama and I headed into town to pick up some paint, get some ideas for the kitchen floor, and try to sniff out some specific stainless steel shelves she's been lusting over.  THREE HOURS LATER.... -___- Louise rang me while we were on our house-related hunt so hopefully I'll get to see her soon :)  Hoping to squeeze in some quality days as she's off to Australia for a semester abroad :O

Managed to Skype Mads after our Wok dinner to hear how he was doing back in Fulham without my obnoxious, perpetually hangry self wandering around, singing non-stop and doing laundry ;)  You can tell I was grumpy during our conversation hahahah Too sleep deprived, way too sleep deprived but seeing that cute little face does help. Miss you!!



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