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18 June, 2016

I Don't Speak That, I Don't Play That

The night started off with dearest Sofia gifting me with some homemade oat cookies she's been on about (trying to get me to eat healthy and all :P) and they were amazing!! You win this round!
Henry and Dylan followed soon after for a little welcome drink and a short catchup so we could hear all about his time in China and Laos and afterwards, the four of us (D was understandably exhausted) headed off to the Italian restaurant Mads and I went to on our anniversary.  It's quite literally just around the corner from us (as are another 6 Italian restaurants, hence us constantly going out for Italian food--have to find the favourite/best!) which fit into the general lazy-Sunday mood nicely.

Mads had a mixed meat pizza and Henry enjoyed a mixed grilled meat selection (of course they started long before I even had a chance to photographing anything) while Sofia had a go at their seafood risotto and I went with my (constant) craving for a rocket and parma ham pizza.  After a light bread starter and our main course, how Sofia and I managed pudding thereafter is really quite miraculous!!  Neither of us really took to their Tiramisu (which is a deal-breaker for Sofia) and their Tartufo Nero wasn't exactly up to my standards either but their dessert menu looked fantastic so I'm sure there's something else we could find next time!  We just stuck to what we knew since we felt pressured to order by the boys.

We'd already arrived quite late (Sunday dinners, yo) so we grabbed the remainder of our wine bottle so these poor dudes could head home (great service by the way if anyone's around Fulham, I think it's safe to say all of us can highly recommend La Pizzica!), picked-up some late-night bits to keep us going from Sainsbury's, and headed back to our flat where the games (quite literally), began.

I don't remember how nor why the topic of Poker came up at dinner, but then again, I can't fully justify even half of the conversational bits that arise in our friend group hahah Either way, Henry decided that he was going to make an attempt, a valiant one at that, to teach Sofia and I how to play. Now, Sofia's a stubborn lil you'd think that would make her want to learn...Sofia apparently also is quite possibly the world's biggest non-fan of card games so getting her to participate required a lot of bribery :D Nah...but she is definitely one of those people (that I like to think I am but know full-well that I am not) who thinks they don't understand the game and that their cards are, in their eyes, useless...but could easily whoop us all haha

I was quite chuffed with myself, having won one round against Henry (lucky piece of.......), Mads and Sofia having folded at this point already!!  I love cards so hopefully this will not be the last of our newly-found Poker nights!! With a mixture of old-school rock and blues in the background, plenty of drink (too not play Poker and bet sips guys), and as always, highly amusing and wonderful company, we made it to around half past four before calling it "a night" ;)

Gotta love Sundays!!


That man-bun though!


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