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26 June, 2016

Freaky Friday

What started off as it usually does, as a drink (okay, a few bottles of wine and nachos/a burger) with a few friends, ended up in us staying with Elma (one of the owners) a decent amount past closing with another five unexpected mates :D

Had such a great time and although I must apologise for there being nothing in my fridge (had to make due with some cheese and crackers, a little veg and hummus, apple and greek yoghurt with honey, and a very creative marshmallow dish... ) I had a great time with all of you back at our place, playing Poker (it lives on!!), discussing great music, and laughing over boarding school antics/stories into the wee hours of the night.  Going to miss you all as I jet off to Denmark for the summer :( Won't be the same without y'all, so you'd better visit!!


P.S. This would be the finished result of the new contour kit, brow gel, eyeshadow primer, and use of the newest brushes!! (See this post for more details if I'm making 0 sense to you as of now). Also, I'm wearing two of the new Boho Moon necklaces I spoke of here.


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