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05 June, 2016

First Sunday

It feels crazy to say it but I had my first Sunday off in a year (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!) which meant that I could finally go to the Farmer's Market they hold each Sunday in Bishop's Park.  We are so damn close to the park and well, we all know wherever the food is, I'm usually not far behind.  It lived completely up to my expectations of a cute, quaint, bustling Sunday in the park and wow, was the weather beautiful for us!!


I can't wait to go again!  As amazing as the Arepas were there were a bunch of other food "trucks"/stalls so I might just have to try something new again!  I'm not sure if it's the same vendors each Sunday but who doesn't love fresh bread, cheese, olives, and flowers anyways?! I can see it being more financially stable for me to have worked every Sunday (one of the busiest days) instead of being tempted by all of the fresh treats the market has to offer but hey, I'm not looking to go bankrupt over cheese anytime soon either :P

We brought along some blankets, bikinis, sweeties, our books, and my notecards just haaadd to come along too to enjoy a bit of what our local park had to offer.  I Skyped my Mama since it was Mother's Day and she loved her flowers (second year in a row I've somehow managed to buy her some of her favourite flowers without having a clue what they were) and was in tears over the mug Lina & I got for her.  It read "Congratulations Mama, we turned out perfectly" :P She's somehow managed to start a badass mug collection (I can't believe I just typed that with a straight face) and this one has now joined the ranks.

Mads and I headed up to Bloom for some late lunch and a few drinks (SO nice to be able to relax instead of working) before heading back home to watch the newest Kung Fu Panda (#3).

So, this is what Sundays are supposed to feel like?
I could get used to this ;)


**Dress is Missguided, sandals are Zara, glasses are Ray-bans

that shirt deserves a round of applause ;D


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