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26 June, 2016

Extra Questions

WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! No more exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREEEDOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, it feels good to be able to say that!  Here's my outfit from my last exam (Tort) day.  I like to wear pink as a good luck charm (wonder why ;) ) and my beautiful new Boho Moon necklace came just before I headed into central and just gave me that extra confidence boost!

I've been studying my butt off for these exams so when I say that I think it went quite well, I hope it's warranted and not me having flunked the whole thing!! I think everyone knows that feeling of walking out of an exam room, confident in the work you produced and the knowledge presented, but at the pit of your stomach, in the back of your mind, you just can't help but think...was that too easy? Did I completely miss the point?

I guess we'll have to see come July!!  I did my best, that's all I can do, not much to do about it now anyways but I feel good about it :)

Headed off to Bloom to celebrate with my girl and wow, does it feel good to be done.  One year down, two to go!! I have to say it's bittersweet seeing so many of my friends graduating this year as a part of me knows that could have been me as well had I stuck with my original degree choice but hey, sometimes that's just how things turn out and I'm happy I jumped into Law earlier than expected. Still, would be nice to know that it was all finally over for good :P  A big congrats to all of my beautiful, intelligent, hard-working ladies (& lads) who can now proudly say that they are graduates :*  Soon enough, I'll hopefully be joining you!! Until then, let's drink!!


Dress--similar here
Blazer--simlar here
Boots--similar here
Necklace--available here


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