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14 June, 2016

Bikini Season

Summertime has arrived and we all know what that means--bikini season!! I love updating my collection, especially because mixing and matching is of the utmost importance when you're attempting (note the word choice here) to pack light so the more options you have that fit well with others, the better off you'll be!!

Last year I chose Victoria's Secret pieces but frankly, the quality wasn't what I expected considering they're only a year old and lightly used and I'm just not as crazy with them as I was in the moment which is a shame, because they're not the cheapest on the market :P

Instead, this year, I grabbed a few fun, flirty, floral pieces from Forever 21 and I quite like that they're something a bit different from what I might normally choose to get and the great part is, if they fall to pieces or if I don't like the prints in a year's time, the price tag makes it a whole lot easier for me to either donate them or to chuck 'em.

Where do you guys get yours swimwear from?  Any go-to brands/designers? How often do you update your collection?



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