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18 May, 2016

You Are Always Welcome If You Bring Me Sweets

The days just flew on by and before we knew it, Kent and Charlotte were here with us (sweets in tow I might add ;)) in London.  We had a few snacks over hearing about their trip and discussing the plans for the following days before they all headed to their hotel and I took a much-needed nap!!

We headed down to Mads' favourite pub so he could have his beloved chicken wings and they could watch the Match.  I headed out early since it was the last Bloom Wednesday we had with Sammy :(  I couldn't have left at a better time either as maybe 10 min. after I rocked up at Bloom, the craziest thunderstorm hit!! Absolutely mental but so, so beautiful.  We all know I'm a sucker for a good storm!! Sofia? Not so much hahaha


such a happy man <3

that face you make when you see how small your burger is ;) :P


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