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27 May, 2016


After stepping off the river bus we rushed off to locate some caffeine before truly starting the day. We wanted to catch an early boat (note: everyone except for me and Charlotte wanted to catch an early boat) so we could get the most out of the day but this meant that for some of us, breakfast hadn't been included in the itinerary until now.

Once we got our systems warmed up by the drinks a nearby CafĂ© Nero had to offer we strolled around the area, taking in the sights and sounds of the morning bustle of the city.  We stopped by Somerset House to soaking all of its architectural wonder (I'm getting a lot of inspiration for my castle these days guys) before heading towards Leicester Square to hop on our bus for a more in-detail tour of London.  This is one tourist-y thing I don't think I'll ever get tired of!  The guides are always so, so nice and have the best sense of humour and possess such an impressively extensive knowledge of the city that means that every time I've hopped on, I've hopped off having learnt something new.

The weather was on our side for most of our tour, all of us chanting for the bus driver to put the pedal-to-the-metal as we looked behind us to see dark clouds looming overhead, pouring down just a few minutes behind us haha Naturally, everyone went downstairs when they saw the sun disappear, leaving just the Danes sitting atop the big red bus just up until it started to snow hahahah Even the Vikings had to give in then :P  The tour guide was laughing his bum of, saying this is why the English feared us, stubborn and fearless of weather conditions haha

We headed into Covent Garden and had a look around the market before settling in to a burger joint for a much-needed food break and for Tove & I? Hard Milkshakes.  I thought I was a genius for mixing Bailey's and hot chocolate the day before but these guys had a long list of recommendations as to which liquor you could mix with their milkshakes and oh my goodness, my Vanilla/Bailey's was so good, Tove ended up having to order one too!

Afterwards we crossed the bridge (don't ask me which one, London is nothing but bridges after bridges as far as the eye can see!) and headed towards our next Tourist venture--a trip on the London Eye!  We'd booked our tickets ahead of time and were a bit early so we spent some time in this odd festival-like place that had a bar (you had me already there), and a bunch of different food carts (why oh why did I just consume a burger when I could have tried Ghanian street food instead?!), and some games for the kids setup (never just for the kids).

Fighting my completely irrational fear of heights, we braved the queue (how is it that in London it doesn't matter if you've already booked, paid, and have your tickets that you STILL HAVE TO WAIT IN A QUEUE?!?!?!) and before we knew it, we were in our glass bubble taking us higher and higher up to see London from a very different view.  It had thankfully cleared up again so we could see as far as our eyes would permit us.  Absolutely breathtaking but again, not sure I'd do it more than once (although maybe at night to see all of the lights!!), as beautiful as it was.

We jumped on our new favourite method of transportation and headed home where we all proceeded to pass out!



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