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05 May, 2016

The Little Things

Hello all :*

We've been on a roll recently with really making our flat into a home...even if it's now been a year since we moved in!! Mads is finally understanding that obscene as things like a filing cabinet or a coat rack and a ridiculous amount of picture frames may seem like when looking at my reaction to their arrival, make a home.   With his mum, dad, brother, & niece arriving in 2 weeks, I want to make sure that this place looks and feels great!!

Recently, we purchased a napkin holder from Selfridges, OUR NEW COUCH from Worldstores (which is very, VERY exciting as our old one, pretty as it was, was one of the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture I've ever experienced...for real, we'd all rather sit on the floor and sleeping?! Don't get me started.), a few stools from Ikea, a mug tree from John Lewis along with a much-needed little sewing kit, a lounge clothes basket for Mads, a shoe rack for the hallway from E-bay, & some pretty straws and napkins from Party Packs

I'd say we're nearly guest ready!! We've got a few more bits on the way that will hopefully arrive before the family does and I promise, you will finally get to see our beautiful little Fulham flat now that it's as close to fully furnished/decorated as possible ;)



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