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17 May, 2016


Sofia's birthday celebrations rolled around and luckily Sammy decided to stay in London a bit longer so that she could be here with us to celebrate our sexy little Portugese love muffin <3

The boring grown-ups that we are, instead of going out or doing anything to crazy we got all dressed up (Granny socks included) and headed to Sofia & Ana's for dinner & drinks :) Without communicating  with each other at all Sammy managed to get Sofia what I'd originally planned to gift her, and I did the same thing hahah Either way, she's now got a bunch of Lush goodies and some new finger bling so she was a happy girl regardless of who gave her what haha

Henry joined a bit later on as well after his shift (so poor Mads wasn't the lone man in the house haha) just in time for Sofia's birthday cake #2, a mini dance party, and some jammin' out to James Bay and Tswizzle while the cats thoroughly judged us. Little bastards.  At least they weren't there to witness my full-on face plant in my excitement to prepare the cake for its deliverance with Henry (he carried it, needless to say).

They are so fluffy and yet, so evil.
Before you cat lovers lose it, I'm allergic, so I'm allowed to think they're evil little fluff balls :P

Happy 26th. honey <3 You still look younger than all of us and guaranteed will still even when 66 rolls around ;) Love you & thanks for a super cosy night!


hideous, but at least we remembered to take a picture :P


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