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30 May, 2016

Mix N' Match'n

The surprisingly beautiful weather in London over the past few weeks has been as motivating as it has been the latter.  Who wants to sit inside and study hard when you could be out enjoying the sunshine with a drink in hand and friends my your side?! One exam down, one to go and I think my first went pretty well...must have found a balance in there somehow!

Maybe it was the change in weather that lead to a change in mood because I finally made use of those last few canvases I had lying under my desk :)  Thinking about re-doing the purple one but I'm loving how the other two turned out.

I realise it's been ages, and I do mean ages since I've done and OOTD's and I'm getting a few lined up for summer but right now, it's just not doable as a frequent thing and I'd prefer that they be done at a certain level, not all just shot in my hallway so a few snapshots here and there will have to do for now.


Jacket is Zara
Blouse is vintage
Jeans are Hollister
Shoes are Just Fab UK

Jacket is Zara
Dress is Boo Hoo
Belt is vintage
Heels are Forever 21
Clutch is BCBG


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