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13 May, 2016


Although our original plans to pop to Paris for a quick visit didn't pan out, Tove & Ole, along with Kent and Charlotte decided to fly over to visit us in London for a few days.  Tove and Ole arrived a few days before and stayed with us until the other two arrived :)  I came home from work bearing coffee and cakes and we enjoyed a delicious slow-cooked lamb roast Mads had prepared along with some rice, sauce, and loads of oven-roasted and slow-cooked veggies.

It was a packed itinerary and the most exhausting week but well worth it as with them all coming, it gave us a chance to go out to see and do some quintessential London things that we wouldn't have otherwise done.

We kicked their first proper day off with their much-desired trip to the famed Madame Tussauds.  Of course I'd heard of it and had seen pictures of some of the wax figures before but it still wasn't on the top of my personal London to-do list haha

Even though I'm not from here, and technically a tourist myself, certain touristy things just do not appeal to me.  The main reason being other tourists hahha The kinds of tourists with no sense of personal space or respect for other people that seriously test your patience :P  It was cool to see all of the different wax figures and to get some more insight into the process of how they're made and was fun experiencing it with the family.  These creations are nothing short of a work of art!! Overall though I'd say that this trip was definitely a one-time thing and after that, you're good XD

Our tanks were running on low after our excursion into Central London so we popped back home to good 'ol quiet Fulham and popped into our favourite pizza place for a late lunch before turning in for a low-key night that consisted of a few rounds of cards, some wine, and an early bedtime for everyone!


Gotta love a lady who gets this excited about food XD

adopt me.

ahahhahahhahahahhahah Ole <3



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