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02 May, 2016


Yet another early morning following a late night rolled around as we joined some of Mads' family for brunch at his parent's home to see if their two doggies could get on (priorities, right guys?) The remainder of the day was spent "relaxing" on the couch with everyone and preparing my new tattoo's.  Mads' sister Helene & Bo have a talented friend who also just so happened to be the tattoo artist chosen to take Bo's tattoo virginity away, following the big 5-0.

I've desperately needed to get my small diamond re-done as I'd originally gotten it just before moving to London, resulting in its infection and subsequent loss of shading and overall quality of look.  I always have a few tattoo ideas in mind but these two have been more recent and more pressing that the rest, so of course, they managed to take the front line.

It's always the build-up to it that's the worst in my opinion (the placement, the setup, the noise!) never mind the actual pain hahah

I got 'ohana' on the back of my neck (It means family in Hawaiian, Lilo & Stitch anyone?), 'better' on my inner forearm, and my diamond all touched up and no longer looking like something I'd attempted on my own and with a Sharpie marker...

We slipped out of an unexpected dinner invitation to make my appointment and slipped back just in time for a few rounds of dice ;)



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