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21 May, 2016


If there's something that needs to be done in every new city you visit in this great big world, it's experiencing the shopping (and the food guys, don't forget the food)!!  Tove and Ole had already had a solo go at it the day before whilst Mads and I were at work, having done most of Putney and Fulham High Street so it wasn't like we were going in and out of every single store (thank God).

If there's one thing you've have learnt about me by reading Smoke In The Rain, it's my penchant for online shopping.  Because if people can be avoided, they should be :P  I was a very, very good girl even considering this though!! During our day-long shopping extravaganza I came home only having picked out a cute little cami on sale at New Look and my eyes falling upon the-must have sexy blue leather jacket from Zara.

After grabbing a bite to eat at Vapianos, popping in to say hi to my darling Sofia at her new job at Zara Home, and having a look around Piccadilly's Circus we collectively decided it was time for some drinks!!  Rested our feet over some drinks (hot chocolate with Bailey's is definitely a thing, right?) before heading homewards.  Charlotte's always been obsessed with my nails and although we've told her repeatedly that an 11 year-old should not and in her case, will not be allowed to have Acrylic nails done I thought us ladies could go have some girl time over manicures while the boys could play a few rounds of pool over a few pints.  A very well-received idea!! Tove gave Shellac a try, I stuck to my Acrylic vice, and Charlotte got a massage and a pretty purple manicure done.  We met up with our boys afterwards and had a few go's at playing Pool ourselves.



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