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07 May, 2016

Cos We Got A Lot Of Love & A Happy Home

Our yearly anniversary of having moved into our flat in Fulham has just come and gone and this place is, without a doubt in my mind, home.  Home's always been a big question mark for me having travelled (fortunately) quite a bit, having family and friends all around the world (who to me feel like home), and living out of a suitcase for coming up 6 years.

Home to me is the place you picture as your base, as your goal, when you land at the airport and wanna get the heck out.   That to me at this point is many places and I've begun to acknowledge the positives in that.  It's difficult not to feel like I'm constantly wandering, homeless, with so many crazy things going on and life and the changes that naturally occur but having multiple "homes", confusing as it may be, is a blessing.

After all of the struggles we had at our flat in Notting Hill, to find a place in a safe, beautiful area, that we could "afford", was haven on Earth.  We've worked really hard for this place, and continue to do so.  It came completely unfurnished and without the financial capability to go out and buy everything and more at once, it's difficult to feel at home in your own home when you've only got a few things.  It's an amazing feeling to look around now, a year later, and to know that every little thing in this flat is something we worked towards, bought ourselves, and is ours.  

I promised some pictures of the new place but with that promise, came another.  I DID MENTION THERE WOULD BE A DELAY :D :P  I could have shared our little Fulham home once we got it but I'd rather share it with you now that it looks and feels like a proper home and that we've made our mark not just on the property, but on the area. 

Here it is :) Just a few tidbits but I tried not to show you anything you may have already seen in other random photos.  It's not much, but we love it.  Always a work in progress! On that note, now that I'm done with work, can't bring myself to study, and it's stunning weather, I'm going to let those creative juices flow.   The Hallway requires some more paintings ;)



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