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02 May, 2016

Blue Skies & A Surprise

Off to surprise Mama & Co.!! It felt so, so strange being in Denmark without having seen or even spoken to my mother but I really wanted to surprise her and my grandparents so I had to suck it up. The surprise was nearly ruined but I managed to spin a believable story to save it with less than 24 hrs. until we touched down in Svendborg.

It was a beautiful Spring morning as we packed up the car, said our goodbyes, and drove/sang the 45 min. it took us down there before being greeted at the door by a very excited Einer/Bølle, followed by Mama, and Mormor not long after.

It had been ages since any of them had seen Mads and it'd been since New Year's since they'd seen me so we were thankfully well received ;)

Had a bit of lunch together and spent the rest of the time doing what we usually do--kicking Mads' arse in Trivial Pursuit, and playing 500 over some goodies & great music.

Mama made a fabulous lamb for dinner along with a fresh salad, homemade Tzatziki, cream potatoes, and mini baguettes.  We extended our time together as far out as we could before Mads bit us adieu and made the drive back to Odense to spend his last day with his parents before headed back to London.

I spent the last days of my trip with my family just goofing around, catching up on all things life-related, eating enough to sustain me until springtime next year, playing far too many games (AND I FINALLY BEAT MAMA IN TRIVIAL PURSUIT WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOYESSSSSS (this is a big deal, guys...even if it was down to the lightning round ;) ) ), & just enjoying being with each other before the stress of London life called.

Thanks for this time everyone <3  Good to be home!


Had to test our knowledge of The States...I'm quite proud of my map, even if Texas did take up half of it! 


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