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07 May, 2016

Arbonne: A Review

As promised, here's a follow-up on the Arbonne skin products from their line "Calm" I started using about a month ago (read more about the brand here).

At first, as with nearly any new skin care routine, everything needs to come out and the only way for it to do that, is through spots of every shape, size, and colour!!  -____- I felt like a lot of them were deep under the skin, and therefore took their time to come to the surface and weren't anything I could "ease along" (even though I know I'm not meant to in any case :/).

Joy.  A necessary part of the process, it's definitely the least-fun and never really motivates me to want to continue using a product but at this point, I really just needed something to work.  Even with the redness and spots working their way out, I noticed a change in my skin. It was softer, looked healthier, and seemed to be taking kindly to the products.  I wasn't using the products daily either and when I did, I'd only do so at night but after about 3-4 weeks now, I can absolutely see the difference in before I started using Arbonne and after.  On that note, I'd emphasise using it as often as you can as any break in the routine, your skin feels.  For real...go a day without using the products and I'm all-but guaranteed a new spot come morning. Haven't decided if I love or hate this yet but so far, so good!!



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