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05 April, 2016

The Day Of: 21

The big day finally rolled around!! Mads was at work so most of the day, sadly, I was home alone haha I made the time go by with the help of a steady flow of parcels coming through the door both for me and for the flat and decided to give the flat a good Spring cleaning.

Daddy & Lina's presents arrived and ugh, so did the tears.  Lina had heard great things about Sketch from a favourite blogger (vlogger?) of hers and similarly to our Daddy, much prefers to give experiences as gifts instead of materialistic things.  In her words, during our Skype call the day before, "You always get yourself the stuff you want so I don't have to/want to" hahahah Can't blame here there and I'm SO SO SO excited for this beautiful, generous experience.  Again, thank you guys!! You shouldn't have :* In addition to this, I got a big beautiful bouquet of spring flowers from my baby sister as well and as I write this, 5 days later, they are still standing as beautiful as ever.

Tove and Ole sent me a pretty new Pandora charm along with a safety lock since with my luck with these bracelets, no one is really willing to take any chances hahaha Just to be safe, Mama had also sent me a safety lock chain for my Pandora bracelet along with a spacer charm.  How weird is it that the exact chain she'd wanted to get for me but was out of stock, was the one Tove and Ole sent instead?! Well taken care of :D

Before getting ready after Mads came home, I Skyped my sweet Mama, and for good measure, Lina rung me up as well.  It definitely took a lot longer than planned for us to get out the door since Dylan was also ringing me up to get the executive okay on planning and prepping for the party the day following and we actually had no idea where we wanted to go out and eat haha

Once we made it out the door we walked down to Papa Ciccia and enjoyed the most amazing Italian meal.  It's no Bella Italia but it's pretty damn close!! The food was mouthwateringly delicious, highly recommend this spot!! I had a rocket and parmaham pizza with a fried egg and Mads got the one with the most meat on it hahahah Both of us nearly passed out from sheer pleasure (foodgasms were constant) when our puddings came out. Mads went for a lemon cheesecake and I had a Zaglione (which at the time I wasn't entirely convinced that I knew what was but it turned out to be that, and then some) that knocked me off my feet.

It's not a normal day of the week without me being at Bloom for one reason or another so we headed up to our favourite spot for a nightcap, joined by one of our owners, Nigel, and Dylan and his friend José.

All in all, no complaints!! I had a wonderful, wonderful birthday and absolutely couldn't wait to celebrate with all of my nearest and dearest the day following at the party.


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