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14 April, 2016

Sunday Dinner

Given the mass of excess food from my party, it was a pretty much a logical given to do a follow-up/post-party dinner with some of my favs.

There was no way in hell Mads and I would be able to polish it all off alone and I didn't want it to go to waste if avoidable so after several runs back and forth from Dylan's house the days following, and gifting/thrusting upon everyone I knew some form of food from the night (Ricardo got a box of sweets for his clients, Sammy was sent home with a few boxes of brownies, ice cream, and strawberries for her boyfriend and his family, citruses for Bloom....) we decided to give it our best go with a nice din-din.

Henry, Sofia, and Dylan joined Mads and I at our flat for a Sunday dinner (how English of us ;) ) complete with veg and hummus, sweets galore, enough Fajitas to feed a small army, welcome drinks and Mojitos, and finally, Sofia and I decided the best way to utilise the ridiculous (we're talking nearly 10 boxes of fudge brownies and gallon upon gallon of vanilla ice cream) amount of pudding we had left over from the event seeing as Mads had surprised me with a cake, was to blend it.

We didn't realise exactly how difficult this would be to consume after already having chowed down on everything else.  Henry gets the award for one of the potentially most painful and authentic-looking food coma's I've ever seen.  He was the only one brave (stupid?) enough to chug down the entire glass of chocolate/vanilla brownie mousse topped with whipped cream and Strawberries whereas the rest of us barely made it a quarter of the way through before going into sugar-shock haha Needless to say, he was pretty much carried home by Sofia :P I guess if there's one thing my guest can't complain about, it's leaving hungry!!

Was a super cosy night, will have to do it more often :) I tend to put these things off assuming that my flat isn't clean (well done Mads, well done), that it'll cost a fortune, requires planning, won't have enough time, etc. etc.  This all went off without a hitch within 4 hours of the idea having come to mind!  Then again, the unplanned nights somehow end up being the best ones.

Thank you all for coming over.  Hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!


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