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12 April, 2016

My 21st. Birthday Party

I met with Selma at Bloom for a birthday drink and a thank you for the massive, luxurious bath set she and Kai gave me before heading over to put the finishing touches on everything before people were expected to arrive.  We started freaking out right about here hahah Somehow, even with the majority showing up at about half 7/8 ish, we were running late!

Guacamole was too salty the first two times around and needed re-doing, my phone wouldn't hook up to the wifi which meant I couldn't sync it to the telly for my playlist, then we couldn't figure out how to shuffle it, welcome drinks and the snack table weren't ready, and Dylan still needed to get dressed....*sigh*

All was managed in the end, with the exception of that damn shuffle button that doesn't seem to exist on Youtube playlists when on your phone.  None of the guest really minded listening to  36 Taylor Swift songs in a row (obviously, neither do I) but it was much more fun when I realised at the end of the night that we could just manually choose and switch the songs from my phone haha Typical.

Everyone LOVED the welcome punch we decided on (Grapefruit juice, Agave nectar, gin, & champagne) and the turn-out wasn't as big as the RSVP's had suggested for one reason or another (anniversary surprises, illnesses, travel, uni assignments...) it was the perfect amount of people and everyone really, really seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

The food was a massive hit!! Some of us viciously went at our Fajitas, creme fraiche smeared all over faces, in the cover of darkness at the table out back, while others headed back for seconds and thirds. Everyone could have eaten 5 times and there still would have been an excess of, well, everything haha Dylan and I had planned, purchased, and prepared enough food for 30 people to have had two helpings so even giving their best efforts, the kitchen was still overflowing after everyone had been properly fed haha

Because my friends are dependably late (we actually had no real reason to freak out as early as we did.  Call it an impulse.), the majority was present and comfortable by around 8 (note: 2 hours after original start-time) and I'd booked a table at The Toy Shop for 9:30 p.m.  This being after I begged them to push it as late as they could.  After incessantly ringing them up with no response to let them know that it'd be impossible for us to do this and that we were now half the people, I left a very long detailed voicemail and the night went on!

I was spoilt rotten with Elma showing up with a bottle of Champagne in hand along with a cute gift from the family, her Dior mascara that she swearrrrsss by, Sammy and Jack got me a goodie bag filled with American sweets so that I could have "a little piece of home" on my birthday, Mette and Lily gifted me with a pretty rosegold pair of Vivienne Westwood earrings, Sofia brought back some Portugese liquourice for me and gave two AMAZING-smelling bath bombs from Lush that she know's I've been dying to try for ages, but Henry rocking up as the Statue of Liberty was probably one of the best presents I could have never known to ask for.

Dylan rushed around calling me over for important "organiser meetings" at random all night checking if we were operating at our aim of 80% success/productivity that escalated to 100-120-150%, and if I was happy, relaxed, and enjoying myself. The night was 150 <3

Mads took care of everything from random errands, adjusting booze supply and making sure everyone was well taken care of and downed the Danish Gajol shots we brought, and "made" a surprise birthday cake made out of Ho-Ho's (techincally Cadbury's mini-rolls but I've coined them differently since they, to me, are the English version of the American treat) that nearly had me in tears...partially out of shock, awe, and happiness, and because it looked so good hahaha

There was impromptu line dancing and Irish Step Dancing (you go, Ricardo!), Kareoke to Bon Jovi and Little Mix, a performance by yours truly to N*ggas In Paris, and before we knew it, the night was upon us and we officially had no real plans thereafter hahaha

After much deliberation as to where to go and what to do, we decided to go with Ricardo's amazing offer of us taking the small after party to the salon he and his Mum run up the road.  We packed up the crisps, sweets, drinks, and the remainder of my beautiful Ho-Ho cake, did a quick-but-effective clean-up of the living-room and kitchen, said our goodbyes, and headed out while Mads and Henry went to pick up some more booze.

How many girls can say that they celebrated their 21st. birthday party, well past midnight, at a hair salon???  It was as hilarious as it was quite cool and the pictures are just priceless!! All of his drinking, in the dark, in a posh hair salon, heads tilted back in the washing chairs, soaking it all in ;)

I had such a good time, was treaded like an absolute princess from everyone, and felt so much love. The only downside was that I had a terrible migraine all night which prevented me from becoming even the slightest bit intoxicated.  Although not necessary, it is quite fun ;) My body rejected all of the alcohol and skipped straight over being drunk to being hungover :P  This worked out pretty well I suppose considering coming home sober after a big night isn't always the worst thing when you've got a boat-load of cleaning to do and work the next day haha

I owe the biggest of thank you's to Dylan, for without all of your hard work and the heart you put into my day, none of it would have been possible.  You're the best <3  Thank you so, so much for everyone who took the time to wish me well, sent/gave gifts, and showed up to celebrate me. All the love!! Seriously though guys, how am I 21?!


I love how my friends are just used to my random outbursts by now and carry on with what they're doing :P


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