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04 April, 2016


Just Fab does it again!!
It was honestly (perhaps far-too honest here guys) a really rough moment having to chuck out my beloved L'Bardi loafers into Daddy's dumpster over the holidays...but perhaps working in tights and Italian suede loafers countless hours of the week wasn't the wisest of decisions.  At least I got to say a proper goodbye before Daddy (or Lina or Mads for that matter) chucked them out the window since they'd been stinking up the whole house hahaha

They are, of course, nowhere near the quality of my beloved other loafs but they are very, very pretty and I needed a pair of black loafers again, even if they're substitutes until I can afford a new set of proper ones again.  Particularly in love with the gorgeous periwinkle ones I couldn't help but add to my basket alongside the black pair ;)



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