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30 April, 2016

In Town

Day 4 in Denmark kicked off with us accepting Mads' Farmor's  invitation to a big family lunch at one of our collective favourite spots.  Afterwards, Mads headed off to the pub to meet with some of his mates while I met up with Polina for some shopping (managed to get Louise a delayed birthday present & Po a new jacket) and drinks at our fav hole-in-the-wall bar before heading over to Louise's for an impromptu night together.  Louise had already promised to another party so Po and I stayed, caught up, had a few drinks, and before we knew it she was back home and I'd managed to say hello to a few old friends with Mads and ship him home before following in suit a bit later on.


"That escalated quickly."
"Things with us usually do."

"What do you mean I can't keep her? She's mine."


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